Renewable energy assets manager

What do we do?

Multiply Energy is an asset manager that funds and operates renewable energy projects by generating SPVs that operates different energy projects. We develop our activity mainly in Portugal but we are open to international green energy projects.

There is a huge opportunity for us

We have identified a niche market to develop our skills:

  • Engineering 4.0: The future of Energy;
  • Market: large-scale projects for investors;
  • Technical partners: large experience in Energy and Engineering;
  • Current equity offer: 300.000€ for 80% of the company;
  • Clients are investors in Energy projects;
  • Suppliers are promoters and land owners;
Due to climate change, renewable energy had become a matter of survival. We need to change all the energetic system into a sustainable new era of green energy

Multiply Energy is ideally positioned to address the strong growth potential mainly through

( i ) first mover advantage and experience and

(ii) the ability to originate deals both directly through networking of the team and partnerships with market players

It's TIME to make the change happen.

Trust in Multiply Energy to do it