About Us

Passionate about Solar Energy

Multiply Energy LDA was born in order to implement a faster transition towards a neutral-carbon energy system by financing and managing assets of large scale projects in Portugal & Spain.

We are investors and asset managers

Our investors have several years of successful expertise in energy project management in several technologies, sectors and legal models.

If you are a renewable energy Investor,
Multiply Energy is for you:

Solar Farm project stages:
Multiply Energy takes part in several project stages

We are not alone, these are our strategic partners:

All our strategical partners has large experience in Energy and Engineering

Energy Planet is a investing company in innovative renewable energy companies, with a great portfolio of companiese, among its located Multiply Energy. Energy Planet owns 60% of shares of Muliply Energy LDA.

Delab is positioned in the energy market with a range of varied and adapted services, namely in the development and management of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
Delab provides with the technical information Multiply needs to develop its projects.

Wunder Sight Group is a renewable energy developer with more than 40 MW of projects developed in many countries such as Spain, Portugal or United Kingdom among others. Wunder Sight will allow Multiply to access more markets and more projects due to its great portfolio.