Multiple service energy provider

We offer multiple services to renewable energy developers

Due Diligence

  • Analysis of the sector, strong involvement of senior team members;
  • Diagnostics of the situation (location, operational performance);
  • Main suppliers selection and contract – EPC, O&M, etc.
  • Extensive financial and legal due-diligence, including risk management;
  • Review of regulatory environment;
  • Value creation road map;
  • Recourse to external DD providers.

Decision/ Execution

  • Strong involvement in negotiation with all stakeholders – aim to drive the process;
  • Arrange all acquisitions of solar power plants;
  • Arrange the necessary project financing if needed;
  • All investment decision based on detailed assessment of exit strategy reside with shareholders.

Active Investor

  • Hands-on management of the asset – monitoring the O&M contractors;
  • Risk management strategies including debt hedging and inflation indexing;
  • Ensure adequate capex deployment as needed;
  • On-going monitoring of industry trends and financial market evolution – monitor exit strategy;


  • Following trends (industry or financing market driven);
  • Regular review of arbitrage between exit and further holding of the assets;
  • Hands-on involvement on exit process;
  • Maximise return by exploring full spectrum of potential exits – recap/strategic/sale to other stakeholders/public markets;

Focus on large scale PV projects

  • 30 MW are under development
  • To ease individual transactions, several SPVs will be incorporated.
  • Solar Parks will be provided by experienced Portuguese and European engineering and construction companies, on a turnkey basis.
  • Expected annual return of ~5% for investors (IRR), considering the P50 operating base case scenario, with no debt and limited downside.